I've been away for a long time! I have become a loyal Facebook user. But now with threats of video ads in news feed, I'm starting to yearn for the carefree days of LiveJournal. Wondering how many of my friends would switch over?

Stock up if you can!

I got sick as a dog on Friday. I was sure it wasn't the flu since I don't have a fever...but according to Anderson Cooper HE had the flu and didn't have a fever so there you go...it must be true...I have the flu too!!! I don't think I have been this sick since high school. It hurts to breath and coughing is a nightmare...but my fear of fears is either not being better in time for our cruise on Saturday or passing this on to my family. Render has been buying me wonton soup by the ton. I'm joking that soup is my new God. Oh and we found out the stores are OUT of Purell...we must not be the only ones fearing further infection. I hope everyone else out there is staying healthy. Stock up on Purell if your store has it!


I return to livejournal to post my thoughts about integrity and the lack of integrity. Two weeks ago I went to work. I am a child advocate and part of my job is to go to court and give the court updates on the children who are in the custody of Children's Services. I presented my report to the court. Also realize that as I presented my report, I was seated with our staff attorney. CSB was also present in court with their staff attorney. Upon completion of my report the magistrate expressed concern about how CSB was behaving (I won't get into the details) but she asked if I would arrange a meeting between the teenager on the case and herself. The teen had runaway from a locked residential facility. I told the magistrate that the teen would not come in because CSB had threatened that when she turned herself in "her butt was going back to the facility." The magistrate then requested I arrange for her to meet with the teen at a location chosen by the teen and "you are not to report the location to CSB." I then turned to our staff attorney and asked "am I allowed to do this?" She reported, "if the magistrate orders you, you have to follow through." CSB never objected. I then returned to my office and informed my supervisor and my program director. Both patted me on the back and told me I was doing a good job. I followed through with the order and arranged a meeting with the teen and the magistrate.

Now let's fast forward a week...CSB files a complaint with the judge about the magistrates order and my behavior. Apparently they are alleging that the magistrate acted improperly and outside of the law. My office assures me that I have nothing to fear because they support me and I did nothing wrong.

Fast forward anothe week...the heat is on. The judge is furious that the magistrate and I met with a teen who was AWOL. Apparently there is now huge liability for the court and yes the magistrate did act improperly. But certainly I have nothing to fear? The court session was recorded and the judge will see I was only following an order of the magistrate right? I was told to follow the order by our staff attorney, by my supervisor and the program director, so I will be supported, right? WRONG! Everyone started telling me that this was all so unfair and telling me what a great worker I am and how sorry they are that I am in so much trouble with the court...ummm, but you guys told me to follow the order *crickets chirping* Here is the lack of integrity...NOBODY went to the judge and made that clear...now maybe that wouldn't have changed the actions of the judge and I knew the writing was on the wall...I was going to be fired.

So last Tuesday I resigned. I called everyone on my case load and said goodbye...I update my cases and left on my own terms. The following day security escorted the magistrate out of the court house...thank God I left on my own and didn't suffer that humiliation.

Everyone was kind, loving and hugged me. But nobody stepped up and did what should have been done...nobody said anything to the judge...nobody risked looking bad...they let me take the fall...nobody acted with integrity.

Weekend update...

We went to Kalahari Water Park. It was not the fun fest I had hoped for. Day 1: The neighbors were loud and at 1:30 AM after multiple complaints to the management I drove all the way home (90 miles) so I could sleep. Stop laughing at me!!! I was sleep deprived and it seemed like a reasonable solution at the moment! Day 2: Went to the water park. It was so crowded!!! There were no tubes for the lazy river, the wave pool was beyond crowded and I have never seen so many droopy pants and hairy butts in my life! Day 3: It is fun being lazy and hanging out with my boys. I guess this is what the trip is really about! I'm glad I came but I don't think I will come back until the unschooling conference next February.

Ouch my face hurts...

I shouldn't complain...it's not like I'm dying or anything BUT I have been diagnosed with rosacea! My skin has always flushed easily and I always have red cheeks and forehead but lately my skin will NOT clear up. I went to the doctor but the topical medication she gave me actually made my skins worse. I am experimenting with a lot of different cleansers...no luck. Today I'm trying the dietary approach. Maybe boosting my the Omega 3 in my diet will help. I'm also getting rid of any inflammatory foods like potatoes and bagels *drool* I love my high glycemic foods! But the thought of having the complexion of Bill Clinton is definitely motivating me to change!

Dream interpreter needed....

I had a dream last night that "Friends The Play" was at a small local dinner theater and I went to see it...I realized that the entire cast from the TV show was in the play but I got so drunk I blacked out and couldn't remember a thing...I just woke up with a date and time written on my hand...

How bizzaro is that???

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Oh boy...two new friends last night and they are banned already...what is this??? I guess I have an unnatural attraction to spammers on livejournal!

Well I'm doing a 3 mile walkathon today *feel the burn* Thank God it is GORGEOUS outside!!!

Michigan or bust?

Has anyone seen all the Michigan ads? I LOVE THEM!!! I want to move to Michigan BAD! Render said there is NO reason for us to move there...I guess I'm just a victim of a great ad campaign!